About Premium Portugal Wines

South Rim Financial Corp’s wine platform Premium Portugal Wines is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based import agent representing some of the finest Portugal wineries. You can find Portuguese wine, beer, and spirits in the best liquor shops, Michelin-starred restaurants, and premier resorts around Europe. And now, they are available throughout British Columbia. All of the products listed on our website are available in our inventory and for immediate order from BC Liquor.

Our Selection

We have carefully selected exceptional vintages that offer the perfect combination of ripe fruit, vibrant acidity, and full phenolic maturity. These wines provide the terroir profile specific to each vineyard, creating individual expressions in their wines.

Our supplier partner wines are fast developing a loyal following and a stunning reputation, often outscoring well-known wines from Portugal. Our current labels are:

  1. Sem Igual
  2. Vale dos Ares
  3. Quinta Santiago
  4. Quinta da Costa do Pinhao
  5. Luis Seabra Vinhos
  6. Rama & Selas
  7. Herdade do Cebolal
  8. Herdade do Arrepiad
  9. Adega Mae
  1. Miguel Louro
  2. Marcio Lopes
  3. Anta Dos Lobos
  4. Fitapreta Vinhos
  5. Vasques De Carvalho
  6. Casal Sta Maria
  7. Casca Wines
  8. Licor Beirao
  9. Cerjveja Portuguesa Beer

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of wine professionals is committed to the highest customer service levels. We proudly represent our premium quality portfolio of world-leading wines, spirits, and beer from Portugal.

Discovery From 1600 To Today

Portugal: The Land Of Amazing Wines

Portuguese wines are emerging as an excellent value wine in the world markets. These wines are carefully crafted for quality from approximately 300 of Portugal’s indigenous grape varietals. Older vineyards are planted with multiple grape varietals. Therefore, these field blends widely vary, making identifying the grapes in a wine blend impossible.

The history of Portuguese wine goes back 4,000 years to the ancient Phoenicians. They established colonies across the Mediterranean and planted vines along the way. During Renaissance times, Portugal was a leading exporter of wines throughout Europe.

In the 1600s, Port wine was created in the Douro Valley by adding brandy to the table wine to prevent it from spoiling on hot, bumpy trips around Europe. Today, Port and Madeira are the most famous fortified wines in the world.

In 1986, Portugal joined the European Union. Doing so required winemaking regulations and quality guidelines to be upgraded to those of other European countries. Existing vineyards invested in modernizing their practices, and new vineyards were created with single varietal plantings.

Today, Portugal is proving that it still has undiscovered potential for outstanding wines.

The Premium Portugal Wine Team

Mr. Avelino Santos

Vice President, Wines
(778) 316-7069

Mr. Avelino Santos is our Vice President, Wines. He manages the sales and promotion of the Premium Portugal Wines portfolio. Mr. Santos has a wealth of experience and knowledge of Portugal's wines and is an accomplished sommelier. He was a Maitre’D at a private members club and worked at some of Vancouver's finest restaurants.

Mr. Shailen Singh

Chief Executive Officer
(604) 264-8019

Mr. Shailen Singh, our CEO, has considerable expertise in the premium wines of France and California. He is also an accountant and member of CPA Canada and CPA Australia. Mr. Singh has been a CEO, CFO, and director on the boards of several public companies with over 35 years of global experience in financial management and managing public companies. In 2000, Mr. Singh founded Coffee Pacifica Inc., a fully vertically integrated “Tree to Cup” coffee company. In 2007, he co-founded the largest gourmet coffee roaster in Shanghai, China.