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Premium Portugal Wines represents portfolio of leading family-owned Portuguese wineries who craft their best wines with uncompromising quality and regional nuance.  All the products listed in the portfolio are maintained in inventory and are available for immediate order from BC Liquor shops.



Mark Squires from Wine Advocate commented on Sem Igual wines that: “The future is very bright here. This looks like it will be one of the region's regular stars”.

Sem Igual estates are in the Vale do Sousa sub-region of Vinho Verde about 30 minutes car ride from Porto. Sem Igual wines are made from local white grapes Arinto and Azal and are structured and full-body, with the ability to evolve over time. Sem Igual wines are highly rated by Wine Advocate.


Márcio Lopes is a highly acclaimed and an award-winning winemaker. He was awarded Enólogo Revelação do Ano 2019 by Revista de Vinhos magazine and Singularidade 2019
by Grandes Escolhas Magazine. In addition, Mark Squires from Wine Advocate commented that “Marcio’s wines are high quality, increasingly demanding attention.”

In 2010, Márcio started to make his own highly regarded wines in Douro and Vinho Verde focusing on quality rather than quantity. The purity and precision of wines terroirs are enhanced using wild yeasts and low additions of sulfites. His wines have vibrancy and freshness typical of the natural grape varieties of the region.

Marico’s Vinho Verde wines have freshness, minerality, richness and are fruity. The wines from the estate close to the border of Spain in Douro Superior Márcio vinifies only quality grapes from 80-year-old vines to produce aromatic wines with freshness, fruitiness, and balanced acidity.


Casca Wines established in 2008 is the first Portuguese wine company to produce wines in 10 different Docs’. Monte Cascas wines are Organic and Vegan certified wines from the secluded estates on the slopes the mountains of the Beira Interior. Monte Cascas wines come from the finest plots of the enchanting vineyards. Casca Wines makes high quality wines using the best grapes and utilising Portugal’s unique wine making tradition.

Hélder Cunha, the owner and winemaker, is an experienced winemaker and a IWC Judge for the past 12 years. In 2013, Helder drove around Portugal on motorcycle with a Portuguese actor José Fidalgo to produce a TV series "Wine Routes" to uncover the unique wine making traditions throughout Portugal.


Cerveja Portuguesa is a Pilsner type beer produced in Czech tradition in small batches from the best natural barley, malt, corn, and hops. It is fermented and matured at low temperatures, giving it a clean and smooth taste, characterized by a light body and a pleasant hop flower aroma. A refreshing beer with 4.5% alcohol.

Cerveja Portuguesa is produced by Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira (ECM) a leading manufacturer and distributor of its own brands of beer, soft drinks and bottled water in Portugal and Europe.


Licor Beirão is Portugal’s national drink and is considered one of the world’s best liqueur to sip. Comes in a stunning and striking bottle that sets the luxurious tone of Licor Beirao. Each bottle is festooned with a yellow ribbon tied by hand. Licor Beirao is sold in more than 40 countries around the world.

Licor Beirao was originally produced in the 19th century as a medicinal aid for stomach pain. The seeds, spices and herbs liqueur are produced in the J. Carranca Redondo distillery since 1929. It is made from locally sourced water and a secret recipe of 13 botanicals passed down through three family generations. The original copper stills are used in the production process and cold maceration for a minimum of three weeks allows the aromas and flavours of the botanicals to infuse the spirit base. It is followed by a double distillation, after which the liqueur is filtered and stored in stainless steel vats for a few months prior to bottling.


Vale dos Ares is located at Quinta do Mato in the centre of the Monção e Melgaço a subregion of Vinho Verde. Quinta do Mato has been owned by the same family since 1683. Current owner and winemaker Miguel Queimado are a great-great-grandson of Leopoldo Alves de Sousa.

Vale dos Ares is a small production boutique winery dedicated to the production of premium quality wines that express the terroir and the fine qualities of the Alvarinho grape variety. The estate is located at a higher altitude and the wines tend to be less aromatic on the nose but with more mineral and freshness in the mouth.


Anta dos Lobos wines come from vineyards planted in Herdade da Cabeceira and Vale D’Anta located in Evora, Alentejo. These wines have been produced since 1999. The wines are produced based on sustainability practises which includes taking care of the land, the vineyard, and the wines by maintain the local grapes expression of the terroir. These wines have tremendous purity of fruit, seamless tannins, and a breathtaking freshness.

Current owners of the winery are a direct descendant of the first Baron and Marquis of Alvito, in the XV century with a coat of arms of the Lobos da Silveira. It was the first baron title given by King Afonso V of Portugal. This coat of arms has five wolves. Thus, the name of estate Anta dos Lobos.


Isabel Capitao and her son, Luis are two of Setubal’s greatest winemakers. It is one of Setubal’s best-kept secret, a small private wine estate, Herdade Do Cebolal. The vineyard is in a secluded forested area near the village of Vale das Éguas, about 20 kilometers from the historic city of Santiago do Cacém and 10 kilometers from the Atlantic coast.

Capitao’s produce some of the finest Bordeaux style Herdade do Cebolal wines. These are elegant yet powerful wines made in minuscule quantities. These wines’ offer tannin structures, density of flavor and supreme elegance. These wines are sublime! Their commitment has resulted in fantastic wines.


Luis Seabra wines are of “real distinction and class”. They are superb wines from a winemaker at the top of his game and with complete control of his craft. Luis Seabra is considered a Portugal wine legend. His wines are sleek, aromatic with sensational levels of fruit, beautiful purity, and overflowing charm. Luis has gained a global reputation for producing wines with finesse and has been garnering praise from critics across the globe. All Luis Seabra wines are well rated by both Wine Advocate and the Wine Spectator.

Luis is the owner of Luis Seabra Vinhos. After spending his early years as a professor at the Unversidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro and a lead wine maker with Niepoort, he took the plunge and invested in historic and revered estates in the Douro with vines ranging from 30 to 90+ years in age planted on schist. From these estates, Luis curates a range of special red and white wines. Luis is a gaining a loyal following, resulting in these boutique cuvées becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Limited supply, fantastic reputations and a consistent flow of excellent ratings have made many of Luis Seabra wines 'must-haves' for collectors and drinkers alike and Premium Portugal Wines has a superb selection available in British Columbia.


Rama and Selas winery are a synergistic partnership between Jorge Rama and Antonio Selas, (the winemaker), designed to make sparkling wines from Barriada. The grapes come from vineyards located on the stony clay-limestone and sandy loam soils.

The Bairrada region in Portugal has seen a tremendous upswing in quality of wines in recent years. Rama & Selas good winemaking allied to exquisite terroirs means high quality wines that are often unbeatable in terms of sheer value for money. Rama & Selas sparkling wines are all characterized by having a portion of the Baga grape variety thus making each wine unique.


António Maçanita, Portugal’s iconic wine maker is the owner of Fitapreta Vinhos and 2018 Portugal’s wine maker of the year. Fitapreta Vinhos wines are Macanita’s dedication to a new examination of terroir in Alentejo. These wines from Alentejo are superb, with freshness, delineation of fruit and elegance.

Fitapreta Vinhos wines have beautiful purity and are some of the most balanced wines from Alentejo. Macanita’s wine making and viticulture is based the Portuguese idea of Palpite. It is the reliance on the land and the natural process in the vineyards to make wines that are imbued with a singular sense of place. It is gravity-fed and all wines are spontaneously fermented with indigenous yeasts. Small parcels of each vineyard are fermented separately to preserve distinct qualities. These are then blended to achieve a layered, and complete picture of the terroir.


Herdade do Arrepiado is in Sousel, about 40 km from Portalegre, in the Upper Alentejo. It is on the São Mamede wine route. The estate was built in the 19th century in the traditional architectural style of the Alentejo region. Antonio Atunnes, the owner, teamed up with winemaker António Maçanita to create an estate of 100 hectares with unique terroir characterised by steep slopes with schist soils and a lake that stands out amidst the vineyards and olive groves.

Herdade do Arrepiado wines will delight the drinkers with their fresh and energetic fruit profile, velvety tannins’, and graceful acidity. Drinkers of Tradicao Reserva, Collection Reserva labels will be rewarded with an extra level of sophistication and elegance with structure and freshness. These wines have heightened excitement and demand.


AdegaMãe winery is in Torres Vedras, about 40km west of Lisbon, and 10km inland from the Atlantic Ocean. The winery is owned by the Riberalves Group, the largest cod fish distribution company in Portugal. It has approximately 40 hectares of vineyards with a production capacity of approximately 1.5 million liters per year. This new winery was built in 2010, and is equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery, the traditional wine making equipment, and a large collection of French and American oak barrels.

The AdegaMae vineyards are planted with both Portuguese and international grape varieties. The unique Atlantic influence, the topography of the land, the clay-limestone soils and the use of selected Portuguese and international grape in two separate vineyards enables AdegaMãe to produce unique wines showing a refreshing natural acidity and mineral characters.


Quinta de Santiago is a family-owned wine estate since 1899. This boutique winery is a producer of premium wines exhibiting the characteristics of the terroir and the indigenous grape varieties. The estate is in Vinho Verde in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço. It is an area known for producing Alvarinho’s with unique characteristics.

The estate is located on a series of hills with good rainfall and valleys with adequate sunshine for slower maturation of Alvarinho grapes bringing finesse and elegance.


Vasques de Carvalho family history dates to the mid-nineteenth century. In 2012, the current owner, António Vasques de Carvalho, inherited wine cellars, 6 hectares of 80+ year vines in Baixo Corgo, and about 45,000 litres of old 1880 tawny port from his great grandfather, José Vasques de Carvalho.

The highly regarded wine/port maker Jaime Costa is responsible for making the tawny ports, old white ports, vintage ports, and the exceptional Douro wines; Oxum, X Bardos, and Velhos Bardos Reserva. Jamie has worked for 16 years at Burmester and was awarded the Revista de Vinhos Fortified Winemaker of the Year 2005.


Adega De Portalegre winery was founded in 1954. It is located inside the Natural Park of Serra de São Mamede. The 70 year plus vineyards are fragmented in small portions on the slopes of the sierra on granite soil between 600 and 700 meters of altitude. This terroir enables the production of fresh, elegant, and powerful wines.

The fragmented vineyards allow for many grape varieties to be grown like Aragonez, Castelão, Trincadeira, Alfrocheiro, Touriga-Nacional, Moreto, Tinta-Caiada, Alicante Bouschet, Grand Noire and Cinsault, Arinto, Fernão-Pires, Antão-Vaz, Bical, White Alicante, Malvasia- Fina, Dialgalves, Syria, Rabo-de-Ovelha, White Galician Muscat, Perrum, and Trincadeira-das- Pratas.

The winemaker, Nuno Mira do O, is one of Portugal young iconic wine makers. He makes wines with elegance and freshness that represent the unique terroir of Serra de São Mamede.


Miguel Louro is the owner and winemaker of a five-hectare vineyard planted in 2010 at 400 meters altitude on schist soils in Estremoz, Alentejo. It is an area known for hot summer days and cool nights. The wines have more freshness and acidity.

Miguel does little as possible in the winery, working almost exclusively with local grapes. He maintains acidity by picking grapes earlier for elegant and pleasant drinking wines by keeping the alcohol levels low and acidity high. Given the necessary time in the cellar and glass, these wines offer perfume, power, and elegance.


Casal Sta. Maria is an award wining winery located in Colares DOC on the outskirts of the city of Lisbon. The history of this Quinta goes back to the beginning of the 17th century and the current winery was built in 1720. In 1903, the wine production was halted. In 2003, one 100 years later the “the westernmost vines of Europe” were replanted and the wine cellar modernized.

Casal Sta. Maria has unique terroir and the wines produced in the small area of Colares have different characteristics with their own remarkable identity and quality. Casal Sta. Maria vineyards are located on the west coast between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sintra Mountain. The vineyards are influenced by the maritime climatic conditions which has cool nights and dense morning fogs accompanied by ocean breezes. The soil is clay with a top layer of sand on large granitic outcrop.

The wines from this terroir are aromatic, fresh with minerals and are elegant and balanced with strong salty notes. These wines have great aging potential and are complex, clearly expressing the unique terroir of the Sintra Mountain. The varietals have specially well adapted to the unique terroir and microclimate of Colares.

Casal Sta Maria trademark elegance, the juicy acidity, concentration and fine, mouth coating tannins foretell a long life in the cellar. Limited supply, fantastic reputations and a consistent flow of excellent ratings have made must have for the collectors.


Quinta da Costa do Pinhão is in Douro’s Pinhão Valley with stunning views of the surrounding vineyards on hills. The vineyards are facing south and range from 250-500m in altitude. The estate is classified as a grade ‘A’ vineyard which allows it to make pipes of Port. The vineyard at Peladosa are 90+ years old and used to produce exceptional wine with finesse, good structure and black cherry and blackcurrant fruit.

In 2007, the current owner Miguel Morais inherited his grandfather’s estate and began to make table wines in 2014. He has a doctorate degree from Cambridge University and teaches engineering at a University Aveiro in Porto.